Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yeah...I guess!

Kerre took Jack to the helmet place this morning. At Jack's last appointment with the plastic surgeon, he said that Jack would just wear the helmet till he outgrew it which would have been a couple of weeks. The helmet guy this morning said he thought he could get another month about of it.

So, as superficial as this is, it is a double edged sward for us. We have been gearing ourselves up for getting it off, but now we have another month to go. Jack has worn a helmet longer than he has not worn the helmet. It truly has become apart of him. So, the gearing up for him getting it off has been a bit emotional and thus the reason for the catch twenty-two.

On the upside, the boy is learning to walk so, the helmet will be of more use now than ever.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Jack took a couple of steps which were a bit surprising this evening. Earlier this afternoon, Kerre and I had tried to get him to stand on his own, but he wasn't having it. But this evening, he wondered out holding on to my leg, he let go and then he realized what he had been missing...

Mommy was a little excited! (What's funny is that Jack kicks his legs just like that when he's excited!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quick Holiday Recap!

Well... Quick may be stretching it... I'm not sure I've ever been quick when it comes to writing or showing off pictures, so scan through this as you will. You won't hurt my feelings at all if you pick and choose what you want to read and look at!

We have to go back a ways because we are super behind on updates! (Aaron is off today, so maybe I'll have time to actually finish this...cross my fingers!)


We had T-day here in the Metroplex with "family." Brian and Rebekah and Jonathan, Sandi, Joelle and PJ were there too, but they're as close to family as you can get with out the blood line thing going for them!
What can you say about T-day other than FOOD!!! WOO HOO!!! Gotta love when a lot of great cooks come together to celebrate! Turkey, Stuffing, Gravey, Corn, Sweet Potatos, Green Bean Casserole, Mac and Cheese, Cabbage Salad, Rolls... that doesn't include desserts... Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, Cheese Cake, Cookies, Pecan Pie...

EMMMM Good Eats!

Jack had fun with cousins and climbing stairs and exploring and eating coolwhip (Mamoo couldn't resist) He also had a nice thanksgiving dinner of sweet potatoes, turkey and rice, and apple puffs (instead of pie!)
It was a Fun day.

Residing Hope Christmas Party!

Rented a cool cabin the woods! Except it wasn't in the woods it was in the middle of Richardson! It looked like something out of a John Denver Christmas Special, with a fire in the fireplace and rockers on the front porch and a Christmas tree in the corner. I was waiting for the muppets to show up. Jack and Daddy wore their Cheesy Chritmas Sweaters. It was another fun memory for Jack's first holiday season.

Christmas with the Sanders!

I love Christmas' with my family. Mom and Dad have made some frun traditions for us. We use big bags that have been made special for each of us instead of wrapping paper. It's very "green."

We also Love Stockings at our house... Santa always filled our stockings as kids and hasn't stopped as we've moved into adulthood! He can get pretty creative.
Aaron was very prooud of his gift to Dave this year. He was able to score a broken Starbucks chair and get it welded back together at a little muffler shop. I think it was a hit!

Jack got some very special homemade Christmas gifts this year that I adore! Uncle Dave made Jack some forrest friend figurines that are so awesome and Mamoo and Dadoo recovered an awsome little rocker (that he loves to stand in instead of sit in) that match his room decore as well!

Jack and Santa!!

We already posted these pics, but Jack went to see and LOVED Santa! This was a blast for me!

Handsome Boys!

I've had fun taking Christmas pics of the boys each year and this year was also a blast! It was fun adding Jack to the mix! He just happened to have a sweater that was given to him that mixed with the cousins outfits perfectly! They are sooooo cute!!

First Family Chirstmas!

We opened gifts as a family before we took our trip to Amarillo. It was fun, but i really can't wait til next year when Jack "get's it" and little bit more.

He got a little piano form us that he really likes... he gets to stand up on it, push buttons, see lights, hear music... all of his favorite things!! There's one little button that makse and little birdy kinda sound and by the second day that he had it he was copying the sounds with a little humm... he's got really good pitch! We're hoping this music thing comes naturally to him...

He seems to love everything music so far! It's so fun... we're hoping that will be one of this things!

Cranial Facial Institute Christmas Party!

This was a great experience for us... what a difference in the way people see the world. I think Hope and Encouragemnt are good words to describe being with these familes... It was special to be in such an accepting environment when so many times you get odd stares because your baby is different. None of them are differnet really. Just amazing kids that are a little bit stronger than the rest of us!

Amarillo, Thorne Trip!

What a great Christmas we had already had, but this was really icing on the cake! Nana did an amazing job making Christmas special for everyone this year.

Jack left some loved on cookies for Santa! Santa throughly enjoyed them ao I heard!

Christmas morning he headed to the tree to find his gifts from Satna!
We had a feast on Christmas day with all kinds of family there! I had fun cooking the week before and freezing stuff to take with us!! Again, soooooo much gooooooood food! Gotta love the holidays!!

Family gift time was fun with Uncle James and Aunt Lindsey!

We jsut had such a great all around visit... here's a few more highlights...

Jack and Cousin Axton! - Jack has a second cousin about his age! They were fun togehter. Having them both around this year made Christmas extra special!

Ginger Bread House! - This is going to be our new family tradition each year at Christmas! Aaron is ubber excited about it. this was our first attempt ever at one and I must say I'm pretty stoked at how it turned out! Janet was kind enough to let us invade her kitchen!!

John Deere! - Great Grandpa and Grandma Dufur bought Jack and Axton their first John Deeres. There a little big, but these guys will grow fast! Jack LOVED his!!! He was so proud sitting there while everyone smapped their pics!! TOOOO CUTE!

Yeah, so not all of Jack's gifts fit in the car so Nana and Gramps are coming for a visit soon!

New Years!

probably shouldn't put an exclaimation next to this one! We were all sick on New Years Eve! Not much to report (or not much that you want to hear about anyway!)

Gosh! I'm sure i'm leaving things out, but what a special end of the year we had!! Thanks to everyine who made it that way! We love you all sooooo much! Happy Holidays!!