Sunday, July 27, 2008


This month has been a whirlwind. I remember getting Jack's surgery date and thinking how far away it seemed. I was almost upset that we had to wait a whole month. It wasn't something that I was looking forward to having hanging over our heads for an entire month. We were hoping to get it over with quickly, but now that it's less than a week away I'm in shock that it's already time.

We met Jack's Neurosurgeon - Dr. Weprin's offices are in Children's Hospital near downtown Dallas. It was a bit of a trip getting down there, but I must say, it was pretty fun over all. The hospital is awesome. The pictures are of a massive miniature train display (is that an oxymoron?) ... and of Dr. Weprin's waitng room. We didn't overly love Dr. Weprin, but he's knowledgeable and I guess when it comes to someone dealing with your baby's brain, I'd rather have the best surgeon, not a buddy.

Our biggest change this month has been that we moved! We have been so blessed by good friends and awesome family that have allowed to stay with them., but I have to say it feels really good to have a place to really call home again. It hasn't been easy to pair down from a three bedroom house to an apartment, but we have really learned a lot about living simply over the past few months and are excited to not live a cluttered life. (don't judge the anti clutter statement with the "fullness" of Aaron's truck.)

We've unpacked the important boxes as you can see!

We've been able to spend some time with good friends. We have had fun catching up with those of you that have passed through town. One good thing about Dallas is that just about everyone seems to get here eventually.

Indee is now an inside dog again... Those of you that know and love our pooch will be gald to know that Indee is settling right back in to apartment life very well. She is also doing very well with Jack. When he cries or wimpers she goes to his side and stares at us with a concerned, "aren't your going to pick him up yet" look on her face.

Jack can almost roll over!! He's growing SOOOO fast. I'm glad that he has had this month to get so strong before his surgery. He can role from his back to his side and with lots of effort from his side to his tummy, but not all in one motion. Today he was even trying to go from his tummy back the other way. It won't be long until he is up and I'm having to chase him all day long.

Jack has experienced and loves the swimming pool. We have a very nice pool in our complex and it has become Jack's favorite past time. I love it because on pool days he naps really well!

Please pry for us Tuesday and Wednesday as we get ready and go through Jack's surgery. Thanks you all for your love and friendship! - Aaron, Kerre, Jack and Indee

Friday, July 11, 2008

Missional communities...

Missional communities have within them the potential to exponentially infect the communities where they have been strategically placed by the hand of God. As they live out their lives now, embedding themselves into the very warp and woof of the community life - they embody the profound possibility of working as leaven - permeating the entire "loaf" of their community.

(achievable ends)
Ok... ok --- We've gotten in trouble now by two friends that we haven't sent out updates and kept up with blogs a much as we should, so I'm going to work much harder at keeping things up to date. This mommy to a 3 month old thing takes more time than I thought it would! Breaks are far and few between and I'm usually cooking or napping or laundrying fast and furious during those times!! (yes, the naps are fast and furious too)

Jack had his 3 month wellness check this week. He is still growing strong... 25 and 1/4 inches long and 12 lbs 11 oz!

His surgery is scheduled for August 6 (two days under 4 months, which is one of the criteria for the easier endoscopic surgery).

We will meet his neurosurgeon, Dr.Weprin, for the first time on July 15. It's very surreal to think that we are about to meet a neurosurgeon for our 3 month old son...

We've learned that he will be fitted and receive his band (helmet) about two weeks after the surgery. We will then have it refitted every week as his head grows for the next few months.

We got to get away for a few days around the 4th.
It was great... very relaxing. We went to Lake Travis to visit my Aunt and Uncle. It was mostly nice to just get away from reality for a little while. Jack loved being able to be outside a lot and he took his first boat ride.

Jack's first pool experience! Celbrating the 4th! His first boat ride! and Finding his toes for the first time! (it was and eventful weekend)

Please keep praying...

...that everything continues to go smoothly with doctor's visits.

...about insurance, as all of the specialists that we have to see for Jack are out of network, so we are working on getting referrals.

...for full time employment for Aaron.

...about what we should do next about living arrangements.

...for our nerves.

...that God prepares the surgeons and Jack's caregivers as the date for surgery gets closer.

Thanks for all your love and support,


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kerre sent me this email...

Here is an email that Kerre sent me yesterday...Today is our 9th anniversery. Jack is such a great celebration!

Kerre Thorne to me
Jul 9 (1 day ago)

It is now 5:30 in the morning. Jackson woke up at 4:30. Normally, with your
help, I would have been asleep a good 30 min by now. such luck.

Jack wakes up...I'm leaking
I have to pee like a race horse (I never have to pee right away when I
first get up anymore??)
I pee
Return to room
Jack is MAD!
I clumsily unwrap Jack
Search for flashlight
Once I get the bottle in his mouth he's ok
Feed 1/2 of bottle
Burp Jack (who's not satisfied)
Lay Jack down for a change (still not too happy w/ me)
Open diaper to Poop!
Clean Jack with the aid of the flashlight I'm glad I searched for
Decide not to press my luck ... so I don't turn around to throw diaper
Begin to rediaper...
PEE! ... not a little ... not on the pad ...
Jack's happy now! (very proud)
Finish diaper
... yeah he's dry (I don't have to search for a new onsie)
Strip bed (Jack's losing his happy)
There is a standing puddle on the mattress pad
Get towel from bathroom to sop up pee, cover with quilt
Feed Jack about 1/2 of what's left and decided to go ahead and
Burp Jack
As I'm wrapping last arm ... SPIT!
He's soaked, his blanket is soaked
Unwrap JackUndress Jack
Turn blanket upside downReswaddle
Finish bottleRockSleeping baby... Whew
Still leaking (only on one side though)
Sit down ... Start pumping
No longer sleeping baby!
Stop pumping
Rock Jack
Now leaking on both sides
Once again... Sleeping baby ...Whew!
Write this email!!

The good news, Jacks supply of milk in the fridge is finally

Just wanted you to know how much I love and appreciate you and it was worth
the extra 10 min of sleeplessness it took to type this tell you how awesome you
are. I and Jack are so blessed to have you. Thank you for your help and
understanding and love. I'm proud of how hard you work for us and I know that we
(together) can do this parenting thing at least to par, but probably a lot
better than that! Even the scary parts.

I love you more than my luggage!! - Kerre (Kid)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I think I might be mad at Jack...

Jack laughs at me...and only me. The good part of it is that it makes me feel special. The part I mad be mad about is, what exactly is he laughing at? Why am I so funny?

On a side note, we are off to Lake Travis for the 4th and a bit of r & r. We always love when we are able to get away to Uncle Bill and Aunt Kath's. It nice and relaxing.

What are you doing for the 4th?