Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why my brain needs a nap!

If anyone ever speaks with me after 6pm or so...maybe even earlier and wonders why my brain seems fried, let me provide you with a SMALL sample of the "Mommy, ...?" that I have heard this morning.

Mommy, can you die again once you are in heaven?
Mommy, how did the dinosaurs die?
Mommy, are their still Woolly Mammoths? 
Mommy, how many Woolly Mammoth tusks do you think archaeologists have found?
Mommy, when God flooded the earth did he flood heaven too?
Mommy, did they really send monkeys into space?
Mommy, how did monkeys fly the space ships?
Mommy, when I grow up should I be an inventor, a scientist, or a movie star?
Mommy, if God is in heaven and God is in your heart, is heaven in your heart?
Mommy, can hell be in your heart too?
Mommy, what's the best way to catch flies?
Mommy, who made the first airplane?
Mommy, did the first airplane that was made fly?
Mommy, how many airplanes did they have to make before one flew? I think it was 15.
Mommy, I just want to know a little more about you. What's your favorite candy? What's your least favorite candy?

And my favorite of the day!! --- Mommy, did cavemen wear underwear? 

And if you would like to know why I am physically exhausted at the end of the day, I'll introduce you to this little brother!

Side Note: Most of these happened in one 15min car ride this morning. I love that he's a seeker. I wish I had all the answers. I wish I wasn't so worn out to even try to answer him sometimes. I hope he never stops asking questions though.

Another Side Note: He really does say "mommy" before each question... even if I just answered one. If I hear "Mommy? pause (for a deep breath usually), I know the rapid fire is about to start.