Monday, December 14, 2009

Recap...Summer Days... July!

Hey all you out there in the blogishpere, I'm promised that I would start blogging again and catch the world up on us, so here goes. I haven't done this yet because I feel like there is so much to catch up on since my last post and it's a little mind boggling to recap it all, but I'm one of those people that needs to fill in all the holes and can't just start from here, so I'm going to try to do a little backtracking for anyone other than me that cares!

Disclaimer: though I use "us" let me stress that these blog updates will be about Jackson almost in their entirety...

Summer was nice... Jack and I spent a lot of time outside and in the water... he really enjoyed playing in the water on the balcony

I also made us pop-cycles... all I had was limeade and at first Jack wasn't too sure about them, but decided in the long run that it was good... He was cutting all the last few teeth and I think the cold was nice.

We spent the 4th in Austin... this has become a yearly tradition... We enjoy being on the lake and helping out Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill with their get together. Jackson loved being out in nature and had a great time with cousins...
We had fun having family over to the pool. Jack was quite the water bug this summer! Fearless as usual...

This was meant to be a blog all on it's own when we took these pics. Our VCR died in July!! Someday Jackson will find these pictures and wonder what this archaic device was and make fun of his old parents and marvel at how we suffered with things like rewinding videos!
This video speaks for itself... I'm kind of wondering why I'm posting as I type, but it was a fun Jack moment... all be it gross!

Jackson also seemed to have some pretty amazing bed head in July that I couldn't help but capture on film...
Jackson got pretty good with a fork over the summer. We've been really blessed that he has always been such a good eater, even as he moves into toddlerhood!
And fell more and more in love with books... this makes me super happy!
Jack got good at his animal sounds this summer... here is showing off a bit as well as being a bit of a ham... imagine that... mine and Aaron's son is a ham?

He also added to his climbing skills. Scaring mommy at times!
We had some good times with the church this summer too...
We also spent some good time with our friends the Tindal's... Jack got into the videos games over there during our Friday night dinners

Jackson's favorite part of July was the introduction of his new best friend!! Uncle Dave and Aunt Dalia were kind enough to bring her back from Hawaii with them... It took a while for Jackson to let her out of his sight... we had a few crying episodes when the Ukulele couldn't go in the bathtub.

Hope I haven't gone overboard... this is what I get for procrastinating... I will catch up. I will! Just 4 and a half more months to go!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is Anyone Out There??

I just came to the blog today to find a picture of Jack I knew was here and realized how much I miss this!! SO?? Is anyone still out there... should I start this hobby back up again? Maybe it doesn't matter... MAYBE I should do it anyway! One of my weekend priorities will be to post a real, our life, what's up, check us out, family blog! See you all in the blog world soon...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Birdies!!! How about a contest?

They Hatched!!!! We were going to show Nana and Gramps the eggs today and instead found a little ball of fuzzy feathers!! I'm so excited!!

So let's name them... there are four little guys... what you you guys think would be good names? I'll find the winners something fun (and cheep! cheep! ok, that was a little cheesy, but oh well...) Contest ends in one week (next Saturday the 20th)

I searched and found out they are House Finches...

This is Momma Bird waiting for us to get the heck out of dodge so she can get back to her babies

Magenta Day!

Yes I know,"Magenta?" It's an odd choice, but it was raining yesterday and I didn't get out much and I needed a challenge... I was sloppy though with my photography, so my colors didn't come out too great. These were the items closest to magenta that i found... i know some of them look more pink and some look more purple... they look better in real life... (and yes, those are my toes... don't judge!)

I wasn't really in the mood to do this yesterday, but I said I would, and I felt the need to follow through. I'm learning a lot lately about doing things that you don't always feel like doing... mostly in relation to my relationship to God! I know everyday is willful act to follow Him, but lately I've really had to work hard to make myself worship and obey and follow and praise Him...

There are times when making myself do these things makes me feel better. This week has been different. Lately they don't make me feel better. But I choose to follow anyway, because I have no other real choice. At least in my heart I don't. Because it's not really my heart anymore...

Feeling like it ultimately isn't why we do these things as a Christian anyway. I choose to love Him because I've been chosen and because it's my job. I'll feel more like it someday and I pray that when that day comes that I don't take for granted that even on those days it's still a choice and I choose Him.

I don't know any songs with Magenta in them. The song below has been on my heart a lot this week so I wanted to share it with you.

I found this song while looking for the other one and liked it a lo too. I think it's worth sharing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yellow Day...

i've decided to give myself a meaningless project... well, i guess it's not completely meaningless. i need something to take my mind and use it. i'm hoping this will help me refocus a little. i'd like to think i came up with this all on my own, but i kinda stole it from someone else... there's not too much out there that's completely original any more anyway...

i've decided to pick a color each day a log the things i see in the world around me that are that color... at lease the things i deem worthy of photographing... yesterday was "yellow."

i suppose i'm hoping this will teach me something about myself and more importantly God... let's see what happens.

Here's what i saw.

In honor of "yellow day" -- i love how the sun rises in this video over time!