Friday, June 12, 2009

Magenta Day!

Yes I know,"Magenta?" It's an odd choice, but it was raining yesterday and I didn't get out much and I needed a challenge... I was sloppy though with my photography, so my colors didn't come out too great. These were the items closest to magenta that i found... i know some of them look more pink and some look more purple... they look better in real life... (and yes, those are my toes... don't judge!)

I wasn't really in the mood to do this yesterday, but I said I would, and I felt the need to follow through. I'm learning a lot lately about doing things that you don't always feel like doing... mostly in relation to my relationship to God! I know everyday is willful act to follow Him, but lately I've really had to work hard to make myself worship and obey and follow and praise Him...

There are times when making myself do these things makes me feel better. This week has been different. Lately they don't make me feel better. But I choose to follow anyway, because I have no other real choice. At least in my heart I don't. Because it's not really my heart anymore...

Feeling like it ultimately isn't why we do these things as a Christian anyway. I choose to love Him because I've been chosen and because it's my job. I'll feel more like it someday and I pray that when that day comes that I don't take for granted that even on those days it's still a choice and I choose Him.

I don't know any songs with Magenta in them. The song below has been on my heart a lot this week so I wanted to share it with you.

I found this song while looking for the other one and liked it a lo too. I think it's worth sharing.

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