Friday, July 11, 2008

Ok... ok --- We've gotten in trouble now by two friends that we haven't sent out updates and kept up with blogs a much as we should, so I'm going to work much harder at keeping things up to date. This mommy to a 3 month old thing takes more time than I thought it would! Breaks are far and few between and I'm usually cooking or napping or laundrying fast and furious during those times!! (yes, the naps are fast and furious too)

Jack had his 3 month wellness check this week. He is still growing strong... 25 and 1/4 inches long and 12 lbs 11 oz!

His surgery is scheduled for August 6 (two days under 4 months, which is one of the criteria for the easier endoscopic surgery).

We will meet his neurosurgeon, Dr.Weprin, for the first time on July 15. It's very surreal to think that we are about to meet a neurosurgeon for our 3 month old son...

We've learned that he will be fitted and receive his band (helmet) about two weeks after the surgery. We will then have it refitted every week as his head grows for the next few months.

We got to get away for a few days around the 4th.
It was great... very relaxing. We went to Lake Travis to visit my Aunt and Uncle. It was mostly nice to just get away from reality for a little while. Jack loved being able to be outside a lot and he took his first boat ride.

Jack's first pool experience! Celbrating the 4th! His first boat ride! and Finding his toes for the first time! (it was and eventful weekend)

Please keep praying...

...that everything continues to go smoothly with doctor's visits.

...about insurance, as all of the specialists that we have to see for Jack are out of network, so we are working on getting referrals.

...for full time employment for Aaron.

...about what we should do next about living arrangements.

...for our nerves.

...that God prepares the surgeons and Jack's caregivers as the date for surgery gets closer.

Thanks for all your love and support,


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