Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Summary of MME Discussion

Here is a summary of what impacted me during discussion at the MME today:
  • As student pastor, it is my job to FOCUS on the big picture and not on the fires
  • I must have long term goals(5 years)
  • Goals / vision for all of the ministry, it drives everything.
  • "YM is filled with long, tiring, often unrewarding, complex, unique, intense, humorous, joy filled, and painful experiences."
  • Failure comes from inadequate preparation and unrealistic expectations.
From Top 10 YM commitments:
  • "I will move slowly." Ability to move slowly is from vision and long term goals. It makes it possible. Try working the calendar backward. Have a checkpoint mentality. I am in in it for the long haul, so what is the hurry.
  • "I willl steer clear of the numbers game." I will not feed others appetites for numbers by making number statements. Instead I will tell life-changing stories, use words like health, communicate forward thinking and train other leaders to be concerned with health rather than numbers.
  • "I will avoid the comparison trap." I will not compare myself and I will not allow myself to be compared to others. There is no way to win the game. I will be prideful or I will be dejected. It is not fair. My value comes from God's unconditional love.
  • "I will focus on priorities." How do I set and pick my priorities?
  • "I will serve." ...outside of the church. I think it will be healither for me to serve away from the community in some way rather than thinking the "little things" I do areound the church is my "serving." I have not felt healthy doing that lately and I need to try something else.
  • "I will pursue contentment." I will be content with MY situation. God give me grace to pull this off.
I really got a lot out of the discussion today and felt fill and like I had though deeply about ministry. That is a good feeling...

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