Sunday, October 28, 2007

The value of fun

I have been plowing through the book Truman by David McCullough. I am about half done and to the place where Truman, Stalin and Churchill are at the last of the Big Three Conferences. The weight of the world is heavy upon these leaders. While deciding what the post war world will look like, Truman is faced with the decision of wether to use the Atomic Bomb on Japan or not.

To say the least things in the world were rough.

The author made a point though that the leaders of the world each hosted a party during the conference and how much each of the leaders enjoyed it and how it helped them get to know one another, which was some of what their basis of trust was formed upon.

The Churches work is just as important, should we not also have fun together in order to furthur the future of the Kingdom. I believe that play must be done in the middle of the work if we are to be successful.

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