Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Sometimes life is awesome...

1. Three friends had babies last week on the same day...the Paynes, the Wojteks, and the Lantzs. How odd is that I would know three people that would all have their babies on the same, and this is the kicker, it is one of our best friend's youngest's birthday also, (PJ.) And Kerre is sitting here by me telling me that we have 2 other friends who have birthdays on that same day as well. Question: What happens 9 months before January 17th? Answer: Hankey Pankey! and it is right after Taxes are due (April 15th)

2. Baby Jack, (we still are not for sure on the name) is moving around like you wouldn't believe. My dad is a runner and when you talk to him about what he doing that day, he often casually mentions that he is going to get in his 4 miles. Kerre said that Jack is getting started early and is running four miles in the inside of her stomach.

3. Jack is finally big enough that I can almost always find part of him when I touch Kerre's stomach.

4. I really like the people I am working at Starbucks with.

5. Our cell group is about to multiply...we have been having almost 15 people on a very consistent basis and they are never the same people. If all the people that come, came at the same time, then we would be in trouble and have to meet outside and it is COLD.

6. I got to go to my first Dallas Stars game last Sunday.

7. I got to hear PJ say, "Who pooped on the couch?" repetitively. (By the way PJ is three, and I don't think it was Indee...)

8. I got apple pie yesterday and dump cake ( which has nothing to do with whoever pooped on the couch.)

9. I got to play with a cool Thomas the Loader set last night (which also has nothing to do with pooping on the couch.)

10. My nephew, Lucas is now my brother. He told us that Jesus fixed his heart. (Lucas has been on the verge of making this decision for along time now and we are all very proud of him.)

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