Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Organic Church

I have just finished a very challenging book called Organic Church by Neil Cole. This book has really shaken me up in a way no book has in quite some time. I think when we look at the church today in America and much of the world, we see it as inadequate and our attitude is that "you dance with the ol' boy that brought ya!" and so many of us continue to "do" church like our fathers taught us.

My friend had a great post on trudging. And that is what many leaders of the church have resigned them self to.

But as Cole points out there is another way, there is a way that looks more like what we read about in the New Testament. There are other ways. Our "fathers" never told us that there were other ways and that is probably because they did what their "fathers" taught them and the fathers never told them that there was another way.

I am looking forward to walking through this book and really contemplating on what is next for us.

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