Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Walking Indee--Passion

Life with my Weimaraner...

So, Indee is a very passionate dog, about a number of, damn squirrels (it's damn squirrels because when she is watching them out the window, you can tell she is thinking, "what are those damn squirrels doing in my yard?"), people and other animals...

She's a smart dog and in her three years of existence she has realized that the place where the food is kept is on the counter (the fact that her nose works overtime has really helped with this realization). She knows that she is not supposed to get on the counter, but that is where the food is kept, so I think she thinks it is worth the risk. When you catch her on the counter and yell at her to get down, she gets down, usually without too much prodding. But the fact remains, her passion for whatever she has discovered on the counter is overwhelming to her and me for that matter.

Passion seems to be a buzz word in the world today. There seems to be some group or other talking about passion all of the time, but at the same time, it seems to be lacking. There is no fire. There seems to be little motivation behind most of our endeavors. Real passion is when you go after whatever and do whatever you must do, no matter who yells at you. Real passion is pursuit no matter what the consequences.

After you catch Indee on the counter, eying that apple that you set out for a snack in five minuter, will be back at that counter ready to pounce if the opportunity arises even tough she just got in trouble.

So, I guess the question is what will you and I pursue no matter the consequences? What is worth our pursuit no matter the consequences?

So, on a sidenote...a quick glance in the concordance in my Bible at the word "passion" all have a negative connotation. It also strikes me that we are not commanded to be "passionate." I know that I may be being a bit strict on the definition, but there are those out there who are "passionate" about being "passionate" and I am just wondering if we should be "passionate" at all?

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