Sunday, April 20, 2008

WOW! What a couple of weeks...

We have had Jack now for a couple of weeks and things are going well. We have been getting to know each other and I think we all like each other ok.

A couple of things I have learned:

--I have been surprised about how much he is able to communicate with us. When he is hungry he has a little routine he does before he cries. If Kerre and I are paying attention we notice it and he gets to eat before he cries. He takes his lips and makes a tight puckered circle with them. Then he tries to eat his hands and then he cries.

--Breastfeeding is a ton of work. It is a good thing that this is Kerre's department, because I would have given up. They told us in the hospital that baby's don't "know" how to feed, but it is something that is learned, by both mom and child. And two weeks into it, I think they are both still learning.

--One of the best things so far has been taking a nap with Jack laying on my chest. What an awesome experience. I think we might do it again this afternoon.


  1. I am glad Kerre is hanging in there with the breast feeding. It gets easier as time passes and eventually it will be old hat...6 weeks is a good mark when things become a little easier and then at 3 months it gets even better!! I am so excited for you all. Oh, I have to agree about the naps..that was one of Gabe's favoritethings to do as well :) PRecious!!

  2. Wow, what a blessing! Praise God for your healthy child and your love for him. Erin and I are praying for you two in this difficult but joyous early parenting stage. We can't wait to meet him one day. Miss you guys - Love,

    The Richmonds

  3. Yeah!!! We've been waiting for pictures! He is precious! We are so excited for your sweet family!

  4. What a beautiful baby boy! I can't hardly look at him without getting emotional. I just can't help but see him and be reminded of how great the Father is and what an answer to so many prayers that Jack has been! We love and miss you guys! If you path ever takes you through Arkansas, give us a call!

    Love, The Widgadiga's