Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Contest...

The Contest is in full swing and we though we would show what has been submitted and give some inspirational pictures of Jack...

So far we have (in no particular order)...(if I forgot ya send it in again)

1. "My name is Jack. If you think this is bad, you should see Jill." --DaDoo??
2. "This is my hard, candy coated outter shell."--MaMoo"
3. "I wear this so the aliens can't read my mind."--Uncle Dave
4. "Helmet laws suck."--Brian McDonugh
5. "My other ride is a Harley."--The Vignery Family
6. "Will headbutt for food."--Emily and Chris
7. "I attract the chicks too." --The Trooks

We will give the contest till next week so, submit often. And don't forget about the awesome prize of your picture with Jack. (Kerre will Photoshop if needed.)

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