Friday, August 08, 2008

Jack's back...

... HOME! Home again, home again, jiggity jog!!!

In the car, pulling out of the parking lot at Medical City, Aaron and I were a bit in shock that it had been just 51 1/2 hours since we had arrived and then handed off our treasure to have his head cut on... It also hit me today that someone has seen my son's brain! How weird is that???

Not only is Jackson back home, but his personality is back as well. I think that my and Aaron's greatest fear was that the procedure would somehow alter Jackson personality in some way. With all the swelling in his little head and the removal of so much of his skull there was this looming fear that he would just be different.

Well, Jack woke up at 5:40 this morning ready to eat. He then took a walk with daddy around the floor. Not only was he a happy baby at this point but he was ready to be back in control. He was holding his head up, trying to stand, wanting to see everything and everyone. He spent a good majority of his walk flirting with all the nurses!! He's still our little boy. He's been so happy all day other than the few min that he had his IV removed.

We were warned that we may wake up to a much more swollen baby this morning. They say it usually peeks around 48 hours before it starts to go down. We woke to the exact opposite! Almost all of his swelling is gone. Both eyes are open wide. his neck no longer looks like a weight lifter (he was looking like uncle Rodney for a while). And I don't leave nose prints in his forehead when I kiss him anymore!

Dr. Deigo (that's his first name... we can't remember his last name... he's a fellow in Dr. Genecov's office) came by around 8:00, took a look at Jack and asked a few questions... We were released by 9:00 and home before 10:00.

A shout out to our nurses ... Carla, Jen, Jennifer, Suzanne, Kara, Jenna... These ladies were more than a blessing to us. Pray for them as they have new babies to love on now and have very trying jobs at times.

More good news... Jack can go swimming and take baths (his favorite past times) as long as we keep his head fairly dry... Jack also gained 10 oz. while in the hospital over the past two days (how many kids go into the hospital for major surgery and come out gaining weight??)

Praise God. Thanks to all of you who have been so diligently praying for us. The hardest part is over, but please continue to pray as we get through these first few days at home and then in a couple of weeks get Jack's band. And please give God lots of praise for all He has brought us through this week.

We LOVE you all!


  1. He continues to be a MIRACLE baby! How awesome is that!?!

  2. this is wonderful news! we've been keeping the office up to date on how he's doing. see you next week, aaron.

  3. oh what a beautiful little boy. I love him so. Give him kisses from us.

    we love you guys and thank God for his provisions! We continue to pray for you three as you continue to take on challenges