Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yesterday was a BUSY day...

- we had our follow up with Dr. Genecov at 8:45

- at 9:40 he had his 4 mo. round of vaccinations and a wellness exam with Dr. Bergman, his pediatrician

- right after this we went to get fitted for Jack's helmet.
  • see Aaron's post a few days ago for the beginning of this story...
So anyway, yesterday was a big day for us and as ready as I am to move forward a bit, I'm also a little scared. This helmet thing is one more step into our Cranio world that I'm ready and not at all ready for at the same time. i just have this nervousness in the pit of my stomach and I don't really know why.

We finally got home yesterday at about 2:30...

The first two appointments went well today. Dr. Genecov says Jack looks great!

And his pediatrician was thrilled that he was doing so well.

He has grown an inch and gained 10 oz. since his surgery two weeks ago and the ped was all for more solids! The kids is eating like a horse lately. He is already as long as a lot of 7 month olds (in the 90-95% for his age in height and 10-25% in weight -- tall and thin like daddy -- unfortunately not mommy)!

The first impressions of the helmet group... not getting much better.

They were so unprepared for us. We were told that all of this insurance stuff should of been taken care of before Jack's surgery, but given no reason as to why it hadn't been and really no apologies. We are still being told by them that our insurance is likely not to pay... but every time we talk to insurance it's the exact opposite and even after they talked with the same person we did and were assured that all was well they pretty much refused to go forward...

Our surgeon's office and our pediatrician are talking about the urgency of getting him squared away in his band, but the helmet people are like no big deal if we wait a few more weeks. The conflicting info from all ends is frustrating...

I think what I'm most peeved about is that they seemed to pretty much have us come in just to tell us that they couldn't do anything. To top it off apparently the person who deals with the billing on the helmet is in Florida and has been evacuated because of the hurricane!

They did take a quick scan to fax with paper work to the insurance company and I almost cried. They had Jack's head covered with little stocking thing... Just his face was showing and I got sad about his beautiful little head being in the helmet for so long. I know in the long run it'll be so worth it, but I love my baby's head so much... It's always been my favorite part of him and I'm going to miss kissing it while I rock him...

OK enough of the sentimental stuff... sorry for the long post, just needed to vent a little ... thanks for sticking with me if you made it through this.

Pray for Aaron today as he is continuing to deal with all this yucky insurance and billing stuff (trust me as long as this was you got the short version of what he has been dealing with and looks like there's more to come before we get this figured out).


  1. Looks like Jack is in the Westside Whites with that durag

  2. Oh, my sweet friends! In the midst of all of this I am going to tell you something you know -- God is in control. Can't say what his purpose is for the "stupidity" of the health care auxilliary staff -- but God knows! And He hears your cries. We love you -- and are praying for you!

  3. He looks so good! I'm sorry the insurance stuff is stinkin' it up! We're praying that gets resolved super fast! Love to you all!