Monday, September 29, 2008

Here we are...

…almost October!Aaron’s been diligently posting blogs, but we haven’t had a good fam update in a while, so I thought I’d toss one in! (hope that’s ok babe?)

We doing pretty ok! I realized today that October is sneaking up on us… know what that means! Pastor appreciation month!!! Oh yes, so many good memories from last year and all the appreciation that we got! (for those of you that are wondering…this is sarcasm! Aaron was fired a year ago this October)

What a year we’ve had!!!! Here’s a recap…

Aaron was fired

I was 4 mos. Preo at that time

We moved to Dallas

Aaron turned 30 (yikes)

Lived with friends

Aaron took three jobs

Moved in w/ my parents

Kerre turned 30 (BIGGER YIKES)

Finally Sold our house


Got an apartment

Had our 9th anniversary

Got a Crash Course Craniosynostosis

Jack had surgery

Jack got his helmet

Aaron Got a New JOB!!!

So that’s where we are now… Jack is adjusting to the helmet so well. We’re still readjusting to a decent sleeping schedule. Before the surgery Jack was sleeping 8 hours a night. Now we’re up about every two-three hours. I think this is due to lots of factors. He’s still growing like a weed!!! I’m not a fan of growth spurts. He’s got helmet head!

He’s TEETHING… pooie!! They should cut through any day!! We’ll post pics when they FINALLY get here. – He does nap good during the day which helps mommy some, but exhaustion has become a normal part of my life.

Otherwise, Jack is the best kid in the world. He’s a happy baby! People are drawn to him like moths… he’s got the best grin in the world and doesn’t keep it to himself. He’ll flash (what will soon be those pearly whites) to anyone, anywhere, anytime. He makes people happy! I love that he does...

YES, you read right! Aaron got a JOB!! He is working for Bluefish TV. It’s a sales job and he’s still in training, but if it works out this will be a great place for him and our family (and our budget). I’m a very proud wife. He’s been through the ringer this year and has been so strong and persevered so well. He’s my tower!

So that’s us right now in a nutshell… Love you all!! Stay in touch!


  1. kerre i am so glad you did go ahead and post. wow- what an amazing boy! this has been a gut-belter, crotch-kicker of a year for you. it sucks but God is good. he just is. we (the o's) have struggled to stay in this church family for this very reason. God wants us still here. so ecstatic and confirmed in prayer and praise about aaron's job. you 3 have ministered to us so much by your translucence and faithfulness.

  2. Hey Wesley got his tooth in last Wednesday! It's still coming all the way up, but it sure is bothering him something fierce. Growing teeth are so hard!

    Praise God on Aaron's new job! We miss you guys like crazy! Hopefully we can see you soon.

  3. Aaron, Kerre, and precious baby Jack - I discovered your blog right after Jack was born. It has been so good to catch up on your fam. I immediately forwarded your site to Sue and Nichole, and we have been praying for you guys. Jack is absolutely precious and he has the best parents ever!! He is certainly the blessing of this past year. Yes...God is good all the time!
    With love and prayers,
    Brenda Watkins

  4. Hey O's, great to hear from ya'll. We miss the kid-o's (and you) like crazy.

    Jade--We thought that Jack was going to beat Wes to the teeth cutting, so it is on to the next challenge...who will walk first????

    Brenda, it is great to hear from you. I think about your family often. My parents tell me that they see Justin around town occasionally. I would love to get a hold of him.

  5. Jack is so beautiful! And praising God for a new, great job for Aaron!