Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tis the Season...

...For all the FUN HOLIDAYS!!

I love this time of year! The weather is so refreshing and crisp. I just found a box of hand-me-down clothes that my friends Julie and Sandi gave to Jack that I almost forgot about. I was so excited and so disappointed at the same time! He too big for half of them (since he's already wearing mostly size 12 mo. outfits) and the other half are pretty much his size RIGHT NOW! He may not have enough time to wear them if the keeps growing at his rapid pace (and some of this stuff is brand new... some gifts from other friends and family) I'm so happy that today is cool because he can wear one of his "new" outfits!

Sorry... that was a bit of a "Jack" rabbit chase... (haha I just came up with that, that's so gonna be my new phrase when i go off on a "Jack" story in middle of my other thoughts...)

ANYWAY!! Haloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all right together makes me happy too!

This is going to be such a fun blessed year! All of Jack's firsts!

This was his first trip to the Pumpkin Patch! I've been looking forward to taking him to a pumpkin patch since at least this time last year when I was getting all fat and he was starting to wiggle in my tummy! I think he's been excited since then too! He LOVED it. As you can probably tell from the pics he wouldn't look at the camera! He was so enamored by the big orange round things!

I'm so excited about Halloween this year! Our church is going to have a mini-carnival in Jonathan and Sandi's front yard! This excites me for many reasons:

1. Jack gets to spend his first Haloween with his cousins... (and his uncle David) who LOVE costumes! (and Mamoo and Dadoo, and JT and Sandi, and PJ and Jo, and Brian and Rebekah, and Holly and Juan, and Mika and Johnny and Baby Johnny and Destinee...)

2. His Costume!! Jack is going to be Captain Huggy Face!! For those of you that are saying to yourself, "Captian who huh?" Don't feel bad I didn't have a clue at first either!

Joelle told me that she was going to be Word Girl for Halloween and I was like ok, who the heck is Word Girl... so I Googled her and found this!

She is an Awesome PBS cartoon and her side kick is a little monkey named Capt. Huggy Face!! He has a helmet!! HAHA Sandi and I couldn't resist making sure Jo had her side kick!

3. Dressing up!! Aaron and I have done some costumes in the past... I've always enjoyed couples costumes and dressing up is just so darn fun! We are going to be Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter this year! (thank you Rebekah and Brian for helping us complete our costumes)

4. We get to spend Halloween with the church! I'm excited that we are going to get to know some of J & S's neighbors better and build some knew or strengthen some of those relationships. Halloween now has a much bigger purpose! I love that we are touching the Kingdom in our everyday lives and having fun in the process! Yeah!

ok... I was going to talk about why I'm so excited about turkey-day and Christmas too, but this got loner than I expected and Jack only takes naps for so long! Blogs for another day!


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  1. WORD UP! (music) "Woooord Girllll!" da da da da da da da da da da! Jo's costume is coming together. She and Jack are going to be so cute together!