Saturday, November 01, 2008


The Halloween Party Carnival Thingy at Jonathan and Sandi's house was awesome!! Aaron said many times yesterday that this was the most excited he has been for Halloween as an adult. And for good reason!

I'll need to get Sandi's pics to include here. There was so much going on at once that one camera couldn't catch all the fun! But here's what we got just to get you started.

Here's our Halloween family! The Mad Hatter... Alice... Captain Huggy Face!

We had some great costumes... including -- Indiana Jones and Short Round, Alice and the Mad Hatter, Teen Wolf, Army Man, Word Girl and Captain Huggy Face, Spiderman, Snow White, a Transformer, a Witch, a Spider, a Lumber Jack, A sushi Chef or Karate Kid, Pokemon Squirtle, Cloud, Pokemon Trainer Ash, Kitty Cat, Pumpkin...I think that is all.

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