Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Texas Baptist

I was at a friends house Monday night and Picked up a small "newspaper" for Texas Baptists.

Here is the article I found on the Inside cover page. Don't bother reading it, but it's title struck me, "Future Focus committee recommends name change for convention"

And then the topic sentence...

The Future Focus Committee will bring only one recommendation to the Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting, but it potentially could reshape the organization’s identity.
It is scary that a committee who responsibilities were to look to the future of the convention only came back with one recommendation and it is a name change. In all of their discussions they didn't come up with anything else? How about the inability to plant churches in all cultures in Texas? How about poverty? How about ______? (Fill in the blank with any of our inadequacies.)

I love Texas Baptists and owe alot to Texas Baptist. The church I grew up in was a Texas Baptist Church. My undergraduate, Wayland Baptist, was Texas Baptist. And although I do not work with a Texas Baptist church now, I still have a heart for Texas Baptist.

I am not sure why I am surpurised though, many seem to be promoting this idea that the greatest thing wrong with the church is its marketing and branding. Here is a video that seems to be all the rage in the blogosphere this week, which is funny and makes some nice characterizations of program driven church, but I think that the problem with the church is the church not acting like the church.

Well, that is my rant that has been rattling around in my head since Monday evening. Do you have any thoughts?

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  1. The funny thing is I've seen people walk into Starbucks and after looking at the menu ask in confusion, "Can i just get coffee?"

    I think I remember Jesus not wanting to be "marketed." In fact, he seems to have gone out of his way to be unpopular sometimes... something to ponder perhaps.