Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Party

Last Saturday, Children's Craniofacial Association hosted a Christmas party. It was a blast! They had it at South Fork ranch. Radio Disney was there as well as Santa, a Caricature artist, Plano Fire Department and lots of other things to do.

It struck me that this was one of the few places where many of these kids, were "normal" or in the majority. Where more of the kids had a condition than didn't. Craniofacial covers many different areas and Jack is lucky because he doesn't have any noticeable effects of his condition (except the helmet of course.) We are blessed because he is likely done with his condition, but many of the children have a lifetime of struggle.

I spoke with one mom whose son had a cleft pallet. He was two and had had two surgeries with probably five more to go! Her comment was I can't imagine having my son having such a serious surgery. My comment was I can't imagine my son having so many surgeries. No matter what both families are blessed to have such great doctors.

We also won tickets to the Ft. Worth Zoo. That will be Fun!

This is Claire... Kerre met her Mommy on ... She's grown so much since we saw her last! What a cutie...

Here's Jack making a new friend!
Cheese... glorious cheese!! Jack was in heaven!
Jack getting sketched!
Meeting the Rangers mascot... Not too sure about him...

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