Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Prayer for Sunday and Xander

A prayer from Walter Brueggemann

Awed to Heaven, Rooted in Earth

Re-text Us
We confess you to be
and we find ourselves addressed
by your making, giving working.
So now we bid you, re-text us by your spirit.

Re-text us away from our shallow loves,
into your overwhelming gracefulness.
Re-text us away from our thin angers,
into you truth-telling freedom.
Re-text us away from our lean hopes,
into your tidal promises.

Give us attentive ears,
responsive hearts,
received hands;

Re-text us to be your liberated partners
in joy and obedience,
in risk and gratitude.
Re-text us by your word become wind. Amen.

We met Xander's family Kristen (mom), Billy (Dad), Lucy (sister) Bert (grandpa) and Reenie (grandma) yesterday. He is having cranio surgery tomorrow at 7:30am. Ya'll prayer for him.

Jack had fun with his new cranio bud swinging and getting ready for the Super Bowl!

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