Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Forever Friends...vol. 1

There are some people in your life that are forever friends... in fact, they are more than friends, they are in some ways soul mates.

These are people... that you can happily vacation with ...that even though you haven't seen them in years it's like you were just in their living room yesterday ...that you can put your kids in the tub together and it isn't weird at all ...who tell you the truth no matter how much it hurts ...who encourage you just by being around ...who pray with you, cry with you, laugh a lot with you, live life with you ...that you can always and forever just be you around and still be liked and more importantly loved! These are the people that your memories are made of.

I really want to share our Forever Friends with you! Aaron and I are very blessed to have more than one or two so here's my first installment! (these will come from time to time in no particular order... )

Jason and Stephanie Trook are Forever Friends! Jason and Aaron have a fun past behind them and I know that they have a fun future ahead as well! A and J were best friends in high school. I praise God that He gave A friends like J to grow up with during some of the hardest developmental years of life!!

Stephanie and I got lucky!! A and J freindship brought us together too! We had a few double dates in the college years and have stayed close through the distance since then. Too bad digital camera's didn't come around til later!!
We were able to spend some time with the Trook family on our way back home from Amrillo. We stopped in Lubbock for a great meal and fun catching up... Their kids Wesley and Meredith are utterly amazing! J and S are great parents! Once agin we didn't skip a beat. Even with the kids in the mix this time it was like we'd never been apart. My prayer is that our children's freindships grow to be as strong as ours. But we had been apart and it was so hard to leave again. Hopefully not for too long! We love you guys!!

Wesley sportin' a Hanna Montana Wig! Jack wasn't too sure what to think...
Wrestiling time with Uncle A... Jack had to get int he mix... he thinks he's a big kid!
Loving on mommy and daddy!
Meredith showing off her "Student of the Week" poster! (great artwork!!)
Our Forever Friends!!


  1. What memories these pictures brought back!
    It's fun to see pictures of the kids kids.
    You certainly can't tell whose children they are. I thought I would have thought I was looking at a picture of Jason if Stephanie hadn't been in the picture! Good friends are hard to find, but we have all been very lucky to have some really great friends! Love, Nana

  2. OK, you're making me cry! We were so thankful you stopped in Lubbock on your way back home. I love how we can pick up right where we left off. We are so blessed to have the Thornes as some of our Forever Friends. We love you guys!

  3. Oh my goodness! These women we married are go gushy.

  4. Shut up, Aaron.

  5. We need to see some pics from Jacks birthday :)