Monday, June 08, 2009

One of those day's that changes your life...

Have you ever had one of those days?? Well, Aaron and I have had two of those days in the past few weeks...

I hate that this is the first post that I write in a while. I wanted this post to be much more fun to write and share some amazing news with those of you that are still reading our blog and have been so patiently waiting for an update on our lives.

About three weeks ago I walked into Starbucks where Aaron stood behind the counter and waited for his break... I said those words to him. "You know when you have one of those days that is going to change the rest of your life?" His eyes grew wide as he already knew the rest of my news... We had been guessing for a while at what we already knew... There was going to be a "big surprise," new addition to our family.

Here's the part I dread to write... Last week I began having a few not so good signs and we went to the doctor a little earlier that we had scheduled. Unfortunately the baby hadn't grown past about 4 weeks. (I should have been 6 weeks along) As the week has progressed it's pretty certain that it didn't make it.

We saw the beginnings of our baby on the sonogram. And all I've been able to think that has given me any solace at all is this...

I saw you sweet one, I dreamed of you and imagined you, BUT He knew you. Even as tiny as you were and even though the scientific world says you weren't a baby yet you were in my heart and in His. I had given you to Him already and now He's holding you when I can't. I love you and always will.


  1. We're praying for you guys. Love you and miss you.

  2. We're praying for you. Love you and miss you.

  3. Oh Kerre, I'm so sorry. We are thinking about and praying for you. Love you.

  4. I'm so sorry... after your comment today i came over and realized you guys had posted, for some reason on google/reader it didnt' show any posts since past march 24.. I'm so sorry for your loss...

  5. Kerre..thanks for sharing your heart. I am saddened by your news and will pray for healing in your heart.

  6. We love you and miss the little one we never got to meet so much too.