Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Morning...

I woke up early. I really didn't mind much because I have been wanting to get some reading done.

About an hour later, I hear Jack stirring, but he is a bit more upset than usual. I think it is because his night light bulb went out last night and his bulb was totally out. When I went to get him he was pretty insistent on getting mom, but instead we sat in the rocking chair and he calmed down after I sung to him a bit and he layed there half asleep.

It is not often that Jack will let you hold him. It was nice to sit there in the dark with the most original think I have ever been involved in creating. It was a good morning.

Today is also Kerre's birthday, I hope she enjoys marking off a new year of life! I pray Jack and I bring her joy today.

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