Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Forever Friends... vol.2

A LONG while ago I had decided to post some blog entries about special people that God has placed in our lives that just get stuck there and won't, can't and aren't allowed to leave. I call them forever friends. They are the ones that you'll grow old with even miles away, the ones that have seen you at your worst and will love you anyway, the ones that are as much soul mates as your spouse.

Aaron and I have been blessed to have these soul friends planted in our lives a few times. I'm not great at putting myself out there and "making" friends. Forever friends are usually the ones that aren't "made," so much as just "are."

Coming into the military I wasn't sure what my life would be like. I have a few examples in my life of Godly military spouses that I highly respect. They gave me a broad perspective, but I could never have imagined what this world was like under the microscope. What a crazy organism it is indeed!

I was clueless as to what I really needed when I got here. I had imagined that determination and endurance would play a role. I speculated that dedication and sacrifice would come in handy. I was pretty sure that I'd rely on my family in a whole new way and that children would mean more to me than I knew they ever did. I was prepared to make sure that my relationship with Christ was on target, because life would be different.

There was one thing that I never guessed I'd need in the capacity in which it was thrust upon me though. Friendship.

Not only have my friendships in the past two and a half years played an important role in my life. They have truly sustained me through my trials. But one in particular has done even more than that. One in particular has changed who I am. I'm so glad that God knows what we need when we don't.

Ronnie, Alisha and Hailey Goll are gifts beyond what Aaron and I deserve. Not only did I get a best friend that sharpens me, holds me accountable, loves and accepts me, but so did Aaron! And so did my boys! Our whole families just fit like puzzle pieces from the beginning. I praise God for these servant hearts, for our laughter, for all the things that make us us! 

This stage of military life is one that I don't think I'll ever get used to. I'm not sure though, that it will ever be this hard again to say goodbye. I'm praying that lightening decides to strike us both again, because friends like this can be hard to come by. Although if you find another me, Alisha, I'll be a little jealous!

Girl, you are simply amazing! I love you so much and don't know how to live without you close. I'm excited to grow with you apart/together. New phases of life should be exciting. So I'm doing my best to "Smile because it happened!" (Dr. Seuss) The rest of that quote says not to cry because it's over... and I can't, because it's not over. Although, I have to admit that I am crying a little, but not because it's all over, just because it's morphing and I'm not sure what "next" looks like.

So here's to burger burns, fake mustaches, real mustaches (not on Alisha or myself!), hot cocoa, a few glasses of wine, playing catch, side by side skype calls with our guys, shopping, trading kids for sanity's sake, long car trips, love for all things Texas, pictures in the snow, scary dinosaurs, buying my sons loud whistles, birthday parties, Peter Hook and Tink, meeting at the Y, drop in lunches and coffee just cuz, long talks, a few tears, that's what she said, pac meetings, Bible studies, soup, desserts... lots and lots of desserts, fireworks, trampolines, shooting ranges, friendship, tomorrows!

Praying blessings for your journey, my friends! We love you guys so much.

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