Thursday, February 06, 2014

Castles with Ladders, Dragons and Ogres...

Oh, if my biggest anxieties were castles with ladders, dragons, and ogres! Here's the news for those that haven't heard!! The Thorne's are heading to Germany! 

We've only know for a few days, but I have to say my favorite part so far has been watching Calvin, our three year old, have a conversation with our Wing Chaplain, Lt Col Michael Rash about castles. We had already told the boys that there would be castles to see in Germany. Apparently Calvin's little wheels had been turning, because this time when it was mentioned by Chaplain Rash, who has been there and seen these magnificent stone wonders for himself, Calvin blurted out, "But did you see the Dragons?!" His sweet little face was contorted with seriousness and worry. 

Their conversation continued for about 15 min about how do you get into the castles, "with ladders?" and "what about the ogres?" onto "there are brave knights with swords to slay them." They talked about the castles being on hills and many of them have rivers close by. Some of them you can sleep in overnight and they feed you breakfast in the morning! Chaplain Rash had been there a lot and never seen a dragon nor an ogre, and a few Chaplain Assistants that had also spent some time in Germany were called in to confirm, that they too had never faced a dragon. 

I sat listening, trying not to giggle, and so very thankful for the seriousness that went into silencing the little dragon of fear that was beginning to roar inside my little guy.

I'm beginning to wonder if that might be how God is looking at me right now! Pretty sure my face has matched Calvin's "contorted with seriousness and worry" for the last 30 hours or so since Aaron called and gave me the news of his assignment to Spangdahlem AFB

Of course I'm excited! What an opportunity, but my mind is rushing at light speed with all that has to be done and all that we'll leave behind. I can feel that dragon inside me rearing it's ferocious head! I remember when Jack was little and afraid of dinosaurs at night. I assured him that God is big and brave and that his angels were warriors on his side. Just like Knights! (this is a picture of how he used to sleep after he fell in love with the brave angels!)

So, once again, (not that I'm surprised at all) I learn valuable lessons from my children. Anxiety and fear will be battled here and hopefully slayed! Our adventure and quest ensues as we enter this new unknown for the Kingdom of God! 

2 Timothy 1:7

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 

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