Friday, December 07, 2007

Big D!

We are settling in here in Dallas (or Plano to be more specific.) God provided during this of the easiest I have had, but a lot of people worked hard on our account. My dad drove in from Amarillo (11 hours), Nathan Payne, Mark Mills and his brother Carl packed our truck, Kerre's parents, Terry and Beth helped with getting the house cleaned up.

Our house is on the market in Corpus, so if you know anyone who needs a good little house get a hold of me....

We are staying with Jonathan and Sandi Tindal. We went to school together at DTS and the picture is of their two kids, Joelle and P.J. Staying with a couple that shares our values has really been an encouragement and support this past week, which has been fairly traumatic.

Kerre is doing good, she has been a bit tired this week so I think the baby is about to hit a growth spurt.

This weekend holds much promise....

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