Saturday, December 08, 2007

Residing Hope Leadership Retreat

Last night began the annual RH
(Residing Hope) leadership retreat in Las Collinas at the Staybridge.
We began the retreat with a time of prayer that was directed toward
Jesus being the center of all that we do, in cell ministry and in
life. We briefly spoke about how cell ministry start with our
personal relationship with Christ and everything flows out of that.

The second thing we talked about is
that getting people who are far from God to come to a cell is group
is not the goal
; the goal is getting them to move closer to Christ.
The paradox in this is that the cell serves as the body of Christ.
That is where people who are far from God get to encounter the hands
and feet of Christ, so it is important that they experience the cell
group, but it is not the goal, it is nt the measurement by which we
measure or success.

The final thing we spoke about and
turned into a issue of prayer is that it is God who produces the
that we have been called to. It is God who empowers the
cells, converts sinners and brings members into cell leadership (Joel

It is good to be back with this group of leaders.
I am grateful for them all in very different ways. I try to verbalize
it here but I defiantly did not catch the entirety of what I was

  • Terry- for leading out and
    taking risk, charting new territory and sharing that with those
    around him.

  • Beth-her motherliness.

  • Jonathan-his
    logical/systematic way of looking at issues that always bring us
    back to basic and core principle. He is always thinking about how
    our conservation effects the vision of the Church (universal.)

  • Sandi-her quite
    encouragement to keep pressing forward.

  • David-his creativity in
    looking at situation.

  • Dalia-her concern for

  • Kerre-her genuineness.

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