Sunday, December 30, 2007

Questions I should ask myself when I turn 40...

Today is my 30th birthday so I thought that I would write myself a letter to ask myself some questions in years on my 40th birthday to remind myself of some thoughts I was having and to see if I am on the way to becoming the person I think God wants me to become.

When I turned 25, I thought I knew what I would be doing in life and where I would be at. I never thought it would be here.

  1. Am I a better husband, dad, son, brother than I was 10 years ago? Do I know my wife better and is she a better person because of me? Asking if I am a better dad is not hardly fair because I am not a dad when I turned 30.
  2. Who are the 10 or 15 people that I know about deeply? Have I spent the last 10 years investing in them in a way that will make them better, me better and the kingdom a bigger place?
  3. Is the community a better place because of me? What contributions have I made over the last 10 years? Is the rule of 150 true?
  4. On December 30, 2007 your ran for 48 minutes...can you still do that or more? If not get your fat, lazy butt off of the couch and get moving. Here and here is some help.
  5. Did you become what you hated? Are you more humble, gentle, merciful?
  6. Did you stay true to your calling? Did you act upon your belief that the world could be changed through a small group of dedicated people? Did you fight to ensure that you did what God wanted you to do not matter what others were saying?
  7. Did you fight injustice? Was there a cause somewhere that I made a difference in?
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  1. i like those questions A...i hate how you make me think...can't i just not think.