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RH Leadership Retreat Afternoon Session

Afternoon Session

Multiplying Believers—Evangelism is a contact / high impact
Team Sport

Cell evangelism and multiplication
pinpoint the main difference between small groups an cell groups.
Evangelism and multiplication must be the DNA of each cell.


Evangelism must be moving a person
closer to Christ no matter where they are at. It is not necessarily
a process. It is not an event. It is smaller interactions.

Fishing with a net...working with
others in order to bring them closer to Christ. Fishing with a net
also impacts everyone else who is a relations with the prospective

In evangelism the cell leader must not
be the only one who does the evangelism; the entire group does the

Those who accepted his message were
baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that
Acts 2:41 NIV

Practical insights that must exist in
our DNA:

  • Bring another person into the
    relationship before they come to the group

  • We must celebrate small victories

  • Can I help you in any of your

  • Accountability and flexibility in
    our relationships

There is a difference between
walking the path and knowing the path.
--The Matrix

Six Keys for effective cell evangelism

  1. Prioritize cell evangelism: don't
    expect it will just happen

  2. Celebrate the little victories:
    don't compare yourself with worldwide cell churches

  3. Promote supernatural cell group
    evangelism: don't depend too heavily on techniques

  4. Emphasize group evangelism: don't
    allow the the cell leader to carry the entire burden

  5. Exemplify building relationships
    with non-Christians: don't expect that your people will befriend

  6. Keep on pressing on: don't be
    weary in well-doing

Multiplying Churches

Lindsey Cofield

Be faithful to what God has called you
to early in life. Pour you life into others. Cell churches are
leader breeders (Timothy.)

God seems to be telling us that the
most import thing is about non-tradition church is leader development

Romans 16:3-5

  1. How did they make a living?

  2. Where did the church meet?

  3. Who was probably the pastor?

  4. How big did it get?

  5. How long did it last?

  6. How much good did it accomplish?

  7. How much did it cost financially?

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