Thursday, August 07, 2008

Baby Hell Boy...

...has a twin

Jack had several tubes on this right hand which the doctor had secured by taping a small board over them. That was a good idea when he was heavily sedated. But when he started becoming less sedated, it became a problem. When he got mad, he would start swinging it about widely; wacking everything he could reach, which is basically his head and his stomach.

He had a good night. He slept well. He ate well. Nursed well.

Kerre and I had an pretty good night. We slept in a couple of chairs; one reclined and one did not. So we switched back and forth. We got a good nap this afternoon in our new room.

Dr. Genecov came to check in on him today and before he even got to the bed he announced, "Well, ya'll are going home tomorrow." So we have moved out of PICU and into the pediatric unit. The room is bigger and more comfortable.

We have met several families which as been a neat expierence. In the pre-op, Jack became fascimnated with a 9 month redheaded girl. She had a full cranial vault and I spoke to her mom this morning and they are going to be joining us on the new floor here in a bit.

There is also a girl named Grace and she had the same surgery that Jack had about a year ago, She is having to have it redone, but she is also doing very well. From my understanding, she is the only one that Dr. Genecov has done that is having to be redone. They are not sure why the first one did not take.


  1. Only the Thornes! Only Baby Jack! That's great things are going so good. God is so faithful! It is so neat he is surrounding you with families in the same situation. And, totally not surprised Jack is making eyes at a redhead!

  2. We don't know yall, but we ended up on your site after reading a bit about Jack on the Trook's site. We are praying for baby Jack, mom, and dad. For a restful night tonight and a safe trip home tomorrow! For a full, uncomplicated recovery!