Monday, August 04, 2008

I suck at goodbyes...

...and I should know this. After leaving all of my friends a few short months ago in Corpus, I had already forgotten how much I suck at good byes. (And this comes on an evening we are preparing for a day of doctors appointments. Kind of an emotional day.)

Tonight I had to say goodbye to the first person to hire me after my unfortunate demise in Corpus. She did much to restore my faith in people... in leadership. She helped me see that true leaders deal with honesty, integrity, transparency and love.

She cared for my wife and loved my son. I will be eternally grateful for the role Beth played in my recovery, my life, my work and my family.

So, all our best to "Aunt Juvie" as I am sure that is what Jack will call her. I hope paths paths cross again soon and I pray the move is uneventful and she finds a new community quickly.

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