Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Last Nine hours...

...have felt like an eternity.

The pictures throughout this blog are of family and friends praying over Jack. This was a very special, unique experience as each one in the room (including children as young as 5 and 3) held and passed Jack around from hands to hands and prayed over him. (Joelle age 6 prayed that he would be a strong prophet of God when he got big, Lucas age 7 prayed that he would feel no pain, others prayed that he would forever be an answer to prayer just like he has always been, and for peace for Kerre and I...this was a very precious time for him and us as his parents)

This morning we went to Medical City. We had pre admissions at 9am; Photos 9:15; pre op talk with nurses at 9:30 then blood work right after that that lasted until a little after 10am. My parents went with is to help wrangle Jack and listen to all the info coming at us.

Then we went to Dr. Genecov's office at 11am and met with him as well as a speech pathologist that works in his office. Kerre's parents met us there to meet Dr. Genecov.

After that a patient advocate took us to see where all we would go tomorrow...waiting rooms, pediatriac ICU, surgery, recovery and patient rooms.

Then we ate lunch with my parents and Kerre's parents at Boston Market and were able to get into his pre-op check up with the pediatrician about an hour early, which was great.

Then we went to the house and got a call fairly quickly after that we need to come back to have blood drawn again. It did not look like his blood was clotting quick enough...so, ugh back to the hospital we go...and we got home a little bit before 5pm.

So, read the above paragraphs with much stress and frustration and that will give you a sense of our day.

The day was filled with many surprises also...
--breast milk is considered a clear liquid, so Jack can eat his last meal at 3:30 rather than midnight. Yeah for a happy Jack.
--The bone to be removed from the skull is much larger than we originally thought.
--His stay will most likely be longer than we though. 48 hours is the best case. Looking more like 3 to 5 days.
--Jack has found his feet, which is a bit ahead of schedule. He is also able to find people across the room which is a bit early.
--He is as long as a 6 month old.

So, tomorrow...
--last feeding 3:30am...
--last liquid (i.e. pedialyte) 5:30
--be at the hospital at 6am
--into pre op at 7
--surgery at 7:30
--hopefully we will see him again after surgery and a little recovery by 11:30ish


  1. Oh, I wish I could hold him and pray over him! Lord, hear my prayers!

  2. Thank you for publishing this personal and delicate detail of your lives. I ache for you and the agony of having Jack go through this.
    Praying for...peace...for God to lead the doctor's hands in precision of the talent and gift given to him...for quick healing of Jack's beautiful head...for Kerre to be able to feed him soon after (yeah for momma's milk!)...for you to feel God's arms wrapped around you...

    I know God is smiling on you for your faith and trusting him.

  3. Our hearts ache for you that you are having to go through this with your sweet baby boy. Please know that we will be praying for you all day tomorrow and in the coming days as well. We love you all. We love you all and will be looking forward to whenever you can update.