Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I love my daddy! He's a great man of God and today I want to honor him! Thank you Daddy for all the love you give. I'm so glad that in my adult years that we are friends!

Through the years you have taught me so much but below are a few of the lessons that have really stuck with me!

~ The boogie man isn't real... Only crazy daddy's at the end of your bed throwing stuffed animals at you and growling! But really, because of you, I learned how not to be afraid of things that are only in my head. I tend to be paranoid of things at times and you have always taught me to be tough and know that "if God is with me, who can be against me."

~ Eat your veggies...even if you have to choke them down... Just kidding, cause Mom is a great cook! But I know there were times in my life that you weren't always thrilled with dinner, but always cleaned your plate too, because David and I had to. I learned that sometimes in life you just have to do things you may not like for the betterment of others.

~ That sitting on the couch and hugging my brother wasn't so bad after all... David and I are closer now because of it, I'm sure!

~ If I have to ask if it looks ok, I probably should be wearing it... Dad, you taught me how to be a modest young lady and I appreciate that. You always told me that I was beautiful inside and out and I have self confidence that I probably wouldn't have because of you.

~ Love openly... It was never a secret that you and Mom loved each other and I'm so thankful that you hugged and held hands and flirted and were never ashamed of your love for each other in front of David and I. I know I found the man of my dreams in part because you were the man of Mom's dreams!

~ How to rhyme... Dad I love your silly songs. (those you made up and those that people just as odd as you wrote) I love that you still sing them to Jack. I can rhyme on a whim because you taught me how to make up crazy songs on a moments notice. I will forever remember:

* Don't smell my fart, my stinky stinky fart...
* Found a booger long and green. Found it under the coke machine...
* Egg suckin' dog I'm gonna stomp your head in the ground, if you don't stop killin' my chicken's, you dirty ol' egg suckin' hound...
* I'm looking over my dead dog rover that I over ran with the mower...
* And Many Many Many Many More!!!

~ Fun can be found in simple things... like getting in the floor board and trying to guess where we're going for dinner, playing "Beaver,"

~ Don't laugh when you float in the baptistery... I'll always remember my legs floating when you baptized me. I'm so blessed that my earthly father kinda got to give me to my heavenly Father. You loved me enough to teach me the love of our God and I'm His in part because of your strength and witness in so many ways.

~ If the race is ever getting long and hard, just listen real careful and I can always hear Dad encouraging and cheering me on... Even now when life is long and I'm weary from the race you always push me and encourage me and help me through the hard times.

I could go on and on and on, but Jack will be awake soon and I'm running out of time! I love you Daddy and I love seeing you as a Dadoo to Jack. ( you were a great Dadoo to the boys already, but now that I have my own little guy it means even more. He loves you so much!)

So happy birthday to you Dad! I pray this year is the best so far!! I love you Daddy!


  1. Yay, happy birthday to THE Dadoo! Thank you for being a father to me and a grandfather to my children with my own father being too far away. Thank you for your prayers for my family. Thank you for telling silly jokes. Thank you for always trying to get me to talk and come out of my shell. Thank you for supporting my l'il music ministry. Thank you for encouraging me to grow musically. Thank you for playing the silly walking/running game with PJ and all the other kiddos. I could go on and on too! WE LOVE YOU DADOO!!!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful birthday tribute. You're a great daughter and I love you (and Aaron and Jack).

    1. Are you sure that was me at the foot of the bed?

    2. Brussels Sprouts were the hardest.

    3. That's easy for you to say. You didn't have to hug Uncle Jerry!

    4. You are pretty.

    5. Sometimes I wish I had modeled this more.

    6. Hey! That “stinky” one was only for the family.

    7. I would have to be more creative with seat belt laws.

    8. I'm glad you decided to wear that "RESCUED" shirt.

    9. Watching you run is still inspiring.

    10. I'm running out of time. You will probably call in a few minutes . . .

    Love ya,


  3. Happy Belated Birthday Terry!!!

    Kerre, I love the tribute to your Dad. Very sweet...I can't wait til our kids write a tribute to us;)