Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mom! Look what I can do...

I've been told that once they reach 6 months that they start doing new things really fast! This one floored me!! I was getting his clothes out of the dresser yesterday and Jack was sitting next to me on the floor. I opened up the bottom drawer and whooop! There he went! Standing up next to me!! He's very proud of himself... We are going to be lowering his mattress now!!


  1. Hey, I recognize those little sweatpants! I love seeing your baby in PJ's clothes. Means a lot to me. I just always thank God that he gave Jackson to you and that I, Jonathan, Joelle and PJ can be a part of his life. Love you little man!!!

  2. Jackson Lemuel Thorne - stop doing all that neat stuff when Gramps and I aren't there!! He is the cutest and smartest baby. Kerre, I was looking at the recent videos you put on the blog. I think you were right. I think Jackson is going to be left-handed. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks. Could you hold him off on walking until we get there?
    Love you guys! Nana