Friday, October 31, 2008

My wife gets Obsessed...

About two weeks ago she picked up a magazine that had "cute"cupcakes in it. Ever since then, that is pretty much all that she has talked about...wanting to make these cupcakes.

Well yesterday was the day, The Great Day of The Cupcake.

The "inspirational" work...
The Aftermath...
Just Plain-O-Cupcakes...

Monsters in the making....Monsters given a home...
Bats. Kerre used pictures we had from Austin and the bridge that all the bats live under for reference on this one.

Bats and Spiders. She used National Geographic for the referance for the spiders.
I would like everyone to know also that Indee is the only one to have tasted the cupcakes. I have not! And to those of you who know of my deep love of all things chocolate, this has been quite a challenge. Maybe I should have been bold like Indee and just taken what I wanted!


  1. I'm not obsessed!! But I must say, i'm very proud the outcome...

  2. I agree, that is not obsessed! Just driven!!! Ha ha ha. OOOOOH, do we get to eat those tonight? I'm going to fix up some bloody fingers & eyeballs for tonight. YUMMM!

  3. yep! we're gonna eat them tonight!! Aaron gets the first one though! He's waited very patiently.

  4. that is THOROUGHLY impressive, aaron. :) way to wait. they are yummy looking!