Monday, October 13, 2008

Tag! I'm It!!!

My good friend Lisa tagged me this morning!

10 things that my husband loves so here goes nothing...

1. GOD! My man is a man of faith and I'm so proud that he is. He pushes me daily to go deeper in my walk in one way or another. When he tells me that he's praying for me I know how much he really loves me!

2. So I guess that leads me to ME! Aaron is so much more than I deserve! He thinks of me first and is always willing to out of his way to make sure I know how much he loves me through all the sweet little things he does for me...

3. JACK!! Boy does he love our Boy! I love seeing him in Daddy mode. Aaron always gets up with him in the morning and they hang for an hour while mommy catches up from the night. I think this is their favorite time together! I'm glad their morning people together!

4. MORNINGS... how crazy is that. This make so sense to me as I'm not much of a morning person, but it seems to be Aaron's most productive time of day. I think he actually enjoys getting up and making coffee and watching the news and just being quite and getting little things done around the house.

5. Which leads me to #5 --- COFFEE! He's a caffeine junkie! I had to buy him one of those big green camping thermoses to take to work because they don't have a coffee pot and he was having withdrawals!!

6. Wow, each of these seem to be leading me to the next, cause the list wouldn't be complete without CAMPING and the OUTDOORS. I'm glad he loves these things because he will teach Jack to love them too. He's a great teacher...

7. ...and an awesome LEARNer. When I met Aaron he really didn't have much use for school, but somewhere along the way God really opened his heart to learning. He can't get enough BOOKS and he loves to hang out at BOOK STORES.

8. Just HANGING OUT. With his family and with good friends. RELATIONSHIPS make his heart beat. He loves PEOPLE! He loves getting to know you and digging deep. He's not really a surface guy and has more good friends, real friends than I can really imagine.

9. And his favorite thing to do with friends I think is EATING good food and COOKING! I love to watch him create in the kitchen. He's always so proud of his master pieces! We enjoy food together (as seen in my last blog!).

10. And who loves food more than our pup, INDEE!! Aaron loves this girl so much and is so diligent in making sure she has what she needs. They play ball every night! I love to watch him with the dog and Jack together. They are all going to have so much fun and he grows!

Guess that's TEN!

But I wanted to do more!! (there's also baseball, tools, tractors, the lake, t-shirts, his nephews, his family ... i could go on and on)

So.... Tag to Stephanie T. and Sandi T. and Pam T. (hey all of your initials are Ts -- fun!)

Sandi reminded me!! And How could i forget! CHOCOLATE! Aaron LOVES Chocolate!


  1. Hey, doesn't Aaron also love CHOCOLATE?

  2. HOW COULD I FORGET CHOCOLATE... Maybe i need to do another 10 or 20 or so!