Sunday, October 12, 2008

We ate our way through...

...a great weekend!

This weekend was really great! It was the first in a while that I really felt like "us." We were comfortable and enjoyed family and friends and best of all ATE WELL!!

Let's see!

Friday Aaron got off at noon thirty... I made a Spinach Quichey Thing... it was pretty yummy if I do say so myself!

Friday Night we had Crab Legs with our good friends Jonathan, Sandi, Joelle and PJ! -- (and Jello Salad, that was good too)

Also! Friday night Jack officially became a carnivor! (pureed meat, whew! pretty stinky, but he seemed to quite enjoy it)

Saturday we went to our little friend Destinee's B-day party! Johnny, her dad grilled some AMAZING barbecue chicken... wooooweeeee good stuff!!!

It was so tastey that we weren't hungry again until about 8:45 and for some reason Jack just wasn't sleepy, so we jumped in the car and headed down to Taco Delight!! And what a delight it was! 10 Tacos for $10... Tacos at 9:00 pm... haven't done that in a while - thanks Jack for our late night snack!

Then there was today!!

Got up early (Jack's schedule has been a little off with the whole sleep training) we decided to find some breakfast -- We had the most wonderful Cinimon Pumpkin Pancakes (I'm drooling) at Cafe Brazil!!!!! I want to go back tomorrow! (add hashbrown casserole, eggs, and bacon and you got yourself a tastey breakfast)

Got home and crashed (all of us) then Aaron hopped up and made some Alton Brown Chilli (Emm... Good Eats!) - he also made Jack some Acorn Squash -- tased like Fall! - cause he's a good daddy!( Thanks to Beth for the book---amazing resource)

Got out and about a little tonight and decided on Asain!! Topped the weekend off with some delicious Pho'. (mine was chicken curry and so good!!)

On our way home tonight we were talking about how good the weekend had turned out and realized how good it tasted too, so I thought I'd make you all salivate a little!!

It's funny how I can mark special times and good memories in my life by good food. Food is an amazing community builder and family time is so much more special when food is shared. I'm so glad that Jack is such a good eater learning to love a wide variety of food. There are so many great tastes that I can't wait to share with him as he grows.

Good Friends... Good Family... Good FOOD!!

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  1. Hooray for food! Jack sure makes the cutest l'il pumpkin. I would've definitely have picked him.