Monday, October 27, 2008

We're home!!

I must say it's nice to come home and sleep in your own bed, but being in Austin on the lake with good friends is almost as good!

We had so much fun!! I miss Jade and Nathan and Wesley so much! If their families weren't in Corpus I would so coax them into moving to Dallas and being a part of Residing Hope!

(I've used an ! after every sentence so far... can you tell this weekend was great yet?!)

Here's a few pics -- I'm sure I'll post more later, but this'll get you started!!

Are we there yet??
Two babies at bath time are much more difficult... but FUN!
Wes: Hey who dressed this poser like me?? I thought I was one of a kind?
I think they are howling at the moon!
Jack: Hey, you want to play air hockey?
Wes: Sure I got the puck!!
Warming in the the morning sun and giving hugs to mommy!
Jack: What, they didn't think our cheeks were already fat enough?? They had to put us in these stupid jackets...
Lunch at the Pier w/ the Paynes!
Lounging on the boat with Aaron
Wesley has a fascination with nature just like his daddy! (he was really diggin' this leaf)
Our Little Monkeys!


  1. The boys are adorable. I love the panda bear sleep and play. Looks like you guys had a lot fun.

  2. Wes looks a little bit of Jade and a little bit of Nathan. He's very expressive! I'm glad Jack got to have such a fun weekend with a boy his age. Indee sure had a fun weekend with one of her kind! Oh man, which reminds me, I got pics of her drowsy! She cracks me up! I've never seen a dog look drowsy...y'know, how her eyes flutter halfway open.