Thursday, November 06, 2008


...son of mine!!

Jack has really gotten the army crawling thing down! He's just about on his knees, but really can get everywhere he needs to by scootin' along. He's lightening fast and he's now taken to a new adventure!

The boy loves to climb under things!! (I don't know, if you are going under something are you climbing??) Anyway, he's like my little spelunker, exploring caves! Yesterday I was able to catch him in action some...

... under the chair

... under the table

... under the desk (the spaces kept getting smaller and harder to get in (and out) of)

...under the walker (this was my favorite)

... and even under Mommy's feet! (I now fully understand what being "under foot" means!)

I love being home with my baby! He surprises me and makes me laugh and grow a little (or a lot) everyday...


  1. Love,love,love the pics of Jack and you!

  2. JACK! All your growing up is happening soooo fast!!! I know you'll be chasin' all your cousins around real soon.

  3. aaawwwwww i LOVE the second to the last pic of you two