Thursday, November 06, 2008

Christmas Get Together

Maybe it is because this is Jack's first Christmas, but I am so excited. I have a ritual of watching Christmas Vacation hundreds of times between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well, I went ahead a got started on it last weekend.

I am sending out feelers to see who, of the old Amarillo Crew, would like to get together over the Christmas Holiday. It looks like Friday or Saturday would be good. We could do lunch or dinner. Let me know what your preferences are and we can get planning.

So, if you are interested, please email me at aaronlthorne[at] as well as send me you phone number. What is your preferences for a day and any ideas that you might have. If you have info for any of the gang, please pass along the info or shoot me an email.

I am so excited and can't wait to see you guys!


  1. Ugh! We're going to be in Abilene this year for Christmas! When will you be traveling? Will you be coming in the Lubbock direction? If so, let us know the dates! Also, did you mean to post this on our blog?

  2. No, the plan is just to Amarillo. That is too bad.

    I posted it on your blog just to get the word out to anyone who might be reading your blog and not mine. I also pasted it on some myspaces.

  3. We're gonna be in Amarillo for Xmas, I'll email you later our net is down so I'm using my phone! Talk to you soon!

  4. LAME we are south of you. :) but you knew that.