Friday, November 14, 2008

in case you weren't amazed enough...

...Jack is on the move again! He's now pulling up all on his own with no help! Check him out!! Today he even pulled up on his walker and it rolled a little and he just walked along with it! I tried to catch it on video, but before I could get the camera started he reached over to Indee's orange bucket of dog food (don't worry it has a lid) and left the walker stranded as he switched over to the bucket!

He's also discovered the trash can that we have for the desk. It also has a lid and I taped it shut so trash wouldn't spill out. He knocks it over pulls up to his knees and rolls it a little ways then pulls onto the couch and bangs on the cushions. But then he figured out how to take the tape off of it so I had to retire the trash can!!

And my parents were afraid that we didn't have appropriate baby surfing furniture!! buckets...walkers...trash cans...couch... what more could a crazy kiddo like ours ask for?!

He loves to bang on things! We gave him some metal mixing bowls to play with because the loves Indee's water and food bowl and he just bangs away on them! The banging doesn't bother me too much because at least when he's banging he's sitting in one place. This is a rare occurrence. His cousin Eric would be proud of his percussion skills.

Most of our days are spent with me baby proofing something and then him figuring out how to "un" baby proof it! He may be smarter than me!

He's such a happy kid! As you can see here. He was more interested in laughing than eating yesterday, but we made it through dinner time... he has no clothes on because he had already had sweet potatoes in his little mesh baggy baby food thingy (i don't know what it's called) and a teething biscuit that Indee actually ate. He's already figured out how to make friends with the dog!


  1. Dad and I have laughed and laughed. His little cackle is so contagious! Keep him laughing, we love it. Mom

  2. I'm cracking up! So sweet and growing up so fast!

  3. Kierra and Braden can't get enough of the videos of Jack. Keep 'em coming!