Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Not So Concrete Adventure

I've always been at least somewhat amazed that creatures that I consider wild still live in this concrete world of ours... wild bunnies that Indee loves chasing playfully, the wolf mom (not "man") and her pups that live next door to the fire station (we can hear them out and about at night when we leave our windows open), the armadillos that tore up the yards at our apartment in The Colony, big lolly-gagging turtles crossing major streets, hawks, opossums, cougars...

I love that we can still witness this part of the wonder of God's creation around us... even in Dallas!

Yesterday our little family troop took a pretty easy hike! It was all paved, but for out of shape little ol' me it was quite a trek. Jack loves being outside and I hope that we can do a good job of instilling a love and respect for nature in him. Aaron was just excited that he got to finally use his "piggy pack" for Jack. It was a great mini adventure in the woods in heart of our city.

It's was refreshing to find a place where the sounds of cars on the highway melt away and are replaced by the trees being blown in the wind and birds chirping and water gurggling in a stream! We did get a reminder that we were still in "Kansas" (as Drothoy might put it). But all in all it was a wonderful way to "waste" an hour or so.

Jack loves looking up at the tops of the trees... something taller than daddy to be amazed by. I hope we haven't missed our chance to do this some more as the weather is starting to turn colder.

I love my family!

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