Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Fry

Residing Hope has fried turkeys before thanksgiving for several years now. The thought is BYOB (bring your own bird) and we provide everything else. The first year was at our apartment complex in The Colony at the Bristol Oaks and we froze. This year we had great weather and another awesome time to connect with friends.

I think we fried 4 turkeys, 4 chickens and 20 pounds of hotwings.

Unfortunately I had to work during the first part of the fry at REI. (They just started giving me more hours, there was just no way that I could ask off. It would have been weird.) But Terry headed up the endeavor and led everyone through the process and I am proud to say nothing was caught seriously on fire and all the food turned out great.

I got home that night and we continued frying till a little after 1am. Got to bed a bit before 2am and the alarm went off at 3:45am to open at Starbucks.

The thing I love about the turkey frys it gives a great opportunity to connect with the neighbors. My neighbor, Tony, also saved the day when one of our burners stared acting up.

We stole Sandi's slide show! Kerre's glad Sandi's gotten hooked on blogging because she's no longer the only crazy one with a camera around her neck at everything we do!! Thanks Sandi! Great pics! (yes... they are mostly of Jack. That may be why they are such good pics!)


  1. jack is such a cutieeeeeeeee. I see so much of Kerre in him!!! (you of course, Aaron, but Kerre is really starting to shine in him)

    miss you guys, wish we were closer together

  2. I love Jack so much! I'm in his fan club! And a part of the Jack paparazzi...hee hee hee...

  3. did we really fry 20lbs of hot wings?? that's like eating Jack! (that was not meant to be morbid or anything...that's just a stinkn' lot of wings!!)

  4. sounds like a lot of yummy food to me!!