Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Boy Lucas and Today's Experiments With Food!

My wonderful nephew Lucas turned 8 on Monday!! 8 holy moley!!! Lucas is such a great, talented, caring kido!

He loves to
write songs and
draw and
play video games and
climb things and
loves animals

...he made his entire class Valentines from scratch this year... that's the kind of kid he is! Creative juices ooze from him as does thoughtfulness for others. I love all of my nephews so much.

Here's Lucas when he was about 1!
Here's our little man now!
Well, yesterday Lucas called me on the way to school for a special favor! I have gotten so excited since then! His party in on Saturday and he has chosen a Dog theme... can Indee come, I'm wondering?

Lucas needs some dog biscuits for his party. So I made some shortbread dog bones! It was fun creating them and experimenting with colors and stuff... they look REAL!! I'm excited!

Jack also experimented with food today! Pureed green beans, brown rice and turkey dinner from a jar... turkey dinner from a jar just sounds so wrong! Here are the results of his endeavors!

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  1. YUM! Turkey, rice and green beans! I remember those days of pureed meals! Jack is getting so big!

    You can use that photo any time!