Friday, February 27, 2009

Garlic Raw Hides!

I'm excited about Lucas' party tomorrow! I also made Garlic Raw Hide Bread Sticks to dip in cheese!


  1. Oh my I had to catch up on your blog, but Jack is doing so well! All the new things he's doing are so wonderful! I love how he threw the spoon down when he was eating applesauce and just drank it! He is so cute. I really wanted to make Jack something for his birthday....and its a I need you to measure the the biggest area around his head. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for that! Actually today was an all time low at school and a really rough day. So reading your comment, though about the camera, was encouraging.. Thanks again!!

  3. All the treats you made for the party are so real looking. I hope you all had fun at the party. How is my little one doing? I miss you all so much. Keep the pictures coming. We love them all, especially the one with the spoon in the air. He is now in control of that spoon (sorry mom and dad)