Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Heart You!

I know that Valentines Day is just one of those over done holidays, but I can't help it... I really like it! I always loved making my box at school when I was a kid and then making special valentines for all my friends... I remember being really little and making valentines with my mom, I have vivid memories of making all kinds of animals out of paper shaped hearts... caterpillars and owls mostly for some reason! It was fun.

Aaron and I didn't do a lot for Valentine's Day this year, but he did buy me a book to add to Jackson's "Jack" book collection (I'm collecting books that have Jack or Jackson characters in them for Jackson... if anybody runs across a good one let me know!) I was very surprised and excited. He's a good husband and daddy.

Here's some pics of Jack filling out his Valentines before church on Sunday for everyone. He was really into it until Daddy started taking pics of course, but still cute! He's wearing his red outfit for the occasion from Nana! Good job Nana, he looked very smashing!

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  1. I love the "Jackson" flower bouquet I got for Valentine's day! Hugs & Kisses from Aunt Sandi