Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nice Memory for a Yucky Day

Today is yucky! it's all cold and rainy! Kinda makes me weary... so I thought I'd post some fun warm day pics to cheer me up a bit!

On Monday Aaron had some of the afternoon off so we went for a hike! Here's some highlights...

Mommy and Jack before the hike... this is the only pic of me since i had the camera the rest of the trip, but here's the evidence that I was there too! This is Jack's new hat that he wont wear!!
Jack enjoyed the ride in his piggy pack and hitting daddy in the head with sticks:
Daddy and Jack just chillin' waiting on camera happy mommy to catch up:
Jack was leaving a trail just in case we got lost:

this was a stinkin' big tree that we saw... it didn't look big in the picture until aaron stood next to it:
Crossing the creek:
Jack likes to touch the trees:
Getting refueled after the hike with some water and a bar:
Ready to go back out?:
Jack's shirtless ride home after pouring that water bottle that you saw earlier all over himself:

These are some nature pics that i snapped along the way. I put them in a slide show for those of you that would rather skip over them quickly! I had fun taking them and will bring the better camera next time!

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