Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Raining It's Pooring...

...the old man is snoring! (dad this is in no way a reference to you... just the song that's stuck in my head this morning, hehe)

got home from cell group last night to no electricity from the storm... stayed with mom and dad... jackson slept very little... ended up in the recliner with him most of the night, but them mom took him at 6 am and let me sleep til 9 am!! AND made me french toast!!

home now hoping for a long jackson nap!!

so riddle me this?? is a healthy concern for the weather a west texas thing... or maybe a small town thing?? the friends house that we were at last night for cell group had no thoughts about the weather at all... even after the tornado sirens went off... didn't care to turn on the tv or radio, get their kids off the second floor, nothing?? just wondering if most people don't watch the clouds as closely as my family does? it was a bit nerve racking... found out later there was a tornado down, but no too clse to where we were.

i tried to take some pictures of the aftermath and the rain this morning at our complex, but this was all i could get before i ran out to battery. it's not a great pic... maybe i'll get more later.

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  1. it must be juse us! i totally watch like my eyes can not come unglued from the tv! i want to know everything that is going to happen and when exactly i need to do something!!!!