Friday, May 20, 2011

Half Crazed, PJ Wearing, Spit Up Covered, Mother of Boys

I think I pretty much just had the longest hour and a half in my life… You would think with time all stretched out like that I’d have been able to accomplish more, but instead I’ve been able to clean spilled oatmeal out of the microwave, brush my hair, put it in a ponytail, put on a bra… I have not been able to get out of my pjs, however. I’ve also been followed around by a screaming baby and made Jack two breakfasts. I’m sure a third is in our near future. This kid eats like a horse in the mornings.

It was one of those ‘put the baby in the crib and let him yell a while before you throw him across the room’ mornings… after half a cup of coffee and loading the dishwasher (giving me a small sense of accomplishment) I was able to go back in a remind us both that I love him more than life itself, but it took some work getting there this morning. I even sang “It’s Amazing What Praising Can Do” this morning in an attempt to lift my mood. BUT the only song that came to mind, despite what the song says about Jesus filling your heart with a song, was a song my dad used to sing to us as kids… It’s called “Egg Sucking Dog” and this is what I hummed to Calvin before I put him in his crib to scream! Not feeling like the best mom this morning.

I was half thrilled when Aaron came home from his 5k race on base at 8:00… half because he got to get out of the house and I was admittedly jealous, but thrilled because a little relief was in sight, which allowed me to sit down and write this. I can’t imagine mornings like this when he’s gone for 6 mos. It’s coming down the pike and I’m nervous. Praying for lots of grace!

Some days are harder than others, but I do believe that God’s grace is sufficient for even me… a half crazed, pj wearing, spit up covered, mother of boys.


  1. Kerre, I think you're MOTY! (Mother of the Year) for singing him Egg Sucking Dog!! I can absolutely relate to this and I love it!!

  2. I would like the words to Egg Sucking Dog.

  3. Kerre, I am glad to see you blogging again! Your boys are beautiful and REMEMBER SO ARE YOU!!!! Come check out my blog sometime when you have a chance, I've been back on it too. LOVE YOU!